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For participants of the GSR proficiency test, the web-based evaluation will be available free of charge with the PT sample for one year after completion of the GSR proficiency test.
Agreement: Our laboratory is willing to participate in the precision experiment for this standard measurement method. As a participant, we understand that:
  • All essential apparatus, chemicals and other requirements specified in the method have to be available in the laboratory when the program begins.
  • Specified "timing" requirements such as starting and finishing date of the program have to be rigidly met; results that arrive delayed will not be considered for evaluation.
  • Samples have to be handled and measured in accordance with instructions.
  • A qualified operator has to perform the measurements.
  • The laboratory will ensure that all necessary payments have been arranged before date of sample delivery.
Having studied the method and having made a fair appraisal of our capabilities and facilities, we feel that we will be adequately prepared for co-operative testing of this method.
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This interlaboratory comparison is organised, planned and executed strictly according to the rules laid down in ISO/IEC 17043. QuoData GmbH assures the full confidentiality of data for comparative and evaluation purposes only.
In order to ensure comparability and independence of all laboratory test results, only one result per laboratory will be taken into account in the evaluation of the proficiency test. Extra samples can be ordered for 995 € each and will be evaluated outside of the PT once per sample.
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